Final Fantasy X Getting HD Remake On PS3 And Vita

Square Enix is usually pretty careful about remakes. Although Square has fully remade the first four Final Fantasy games for other platforms, talk of remakes usually end up with fans rabidly fighting for a remake of Final Fantasy VII.

Square instead announced at Tokyo Game Show that in honor of the 10th Anniversary of Final Fantasy X being released on the PS2, it will be getting the HD remake treatment and releasing on PS3 and PS Vita.

Not many details were given as the game is supposedly so early in development that no screenshots could be shared, so forgive us if it seems we don’t have any information on the game, because no one does. No release window was given either.

Me? I just hope it doesn’t interfere with the development of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. That one has been in development hell for far too long.

What say you, gamers? FFX was actually my first Final Fantasy, and since then has become one of my top five favorite game franchises, so I’m quite excited.