Final Fantasy Origins Available On PSN

Although the end of the month will see a brand spankin’ new Final Fantasy game get released, gamers who never got a chance can now play the games that started it all.

Released today on PlayStation Network, Final Fantasy Origins was a PSOne collection of Final Fantasy I and II in all their pixelated glory. Both games also get a few graphical tweaks and the addition of fancy intro videos. Sure, they aren’t the additional content featured on the PSP versions, but it’s still better than the horribly aged 8-bit graphics of yesteryear.

The game collection is available for download for PS3 and PSP owners right now for $9.99.

And for those keeping score at home, this means you can now play I, II, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and XIII on your PS3. If you have a PSP, you can also play IV. If your PS3 happens to be backwards compatible, you can also play X, XI and XII. That leaves out III and XIV.

But don’t worry, you’ll be able to play Final Fantasy I-XXVII on the PlayStation 5 when the Final Fantasy Ultra-Complete Overdrive Re: Collection Deluxe in the year 2036.

What say you, gamers? The first game was actually one of my favorites. One of my personal favorite final boss fights. Definitely recommend looking into it.

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