Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Is Coming To PC


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (yeah, it’s not a particularly catchy title) is making the jump from console to PC at some point in the near future. No concrete release date has been set yet, but considering the game is likely to be a direct port of the console versions, don’t be surprised to see it land before the end of 2015.

The announcement is pretty surprising, considering Type-0 HD’s release on consoles didn’t exactly receive outstanding reviews, but you just never know; the PC version could quite possibly get additional content and changes that are exclusive to the platform.

Regardless, it looks as if Square Enix’s re-release of the PSP title generated enough sales to warrant its arrival on PC, though one can’t help but wonder how much bearing the packaged demo for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae had on its financial success.

But what are your thoughts on the announcement? If you’re one of those that already owns Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, will you be forking out again for the PC version, or are you yet to play the updated handheld title? Let us know in the comments below.