Final Fantasy VI Could Be Making Its Way To PC


Final Fantasy VI is one of the most critically revered RPGs of all-time, as well as being widely considered one of the best—if not, the best—of the much-loved, long-running series. It astounded players with its original 1994 SNES release, thanks to a brilliantly composed story and characters and the ability to stir powerful, heartfelt emotions from gamers with its 16-bit graphics.

It is very exciting, therefore, for both veterans of the series and newcomers alike, that Final Fantasy VI appears to be coming to PC. At least, that’s according to the PEGI, the age rating classification board for Europe.

If you search the PEGI database for Final Fantasy games, the first result to show up is Final Fantasy VI, listed as being available on PC with a release date of the November 26th, 2015. That clearly failed to happen, but it is enough to get JRPG fans excited at the thought that there may well be a port coming very soon.

Despite there being no official word from Square Enix, it would make perfect sense for Final Fantasy VI to get a PC port. After all, ports of other older titles in the series have made their way into PC libraries, including Final Fantasy V, the immensely popular VII, and VIII. Given the fact that the sixth installment is held in such high esteem, it would be a crime to not include it here.

It wouldn’t be the first time the game has made it to a console other than its native Super Nintendo, either. It was re-released for the PlayStation in 1999 with the addition of bookending FMVs, as well as the Game Boy Advance in early 2007 with slightly updated graphics and gameplay. A mobile version was also made for iOS and Android in 2014, also with updated graphics.

Here’s hoping that if a port of Final Fantasy VI is indeed on the way, the original SNES graphics will be used.