Final Fantasy X & X-2 Remasters Confirmed For North America

Square Enix is certainly stepping up their game as re-releases go these days. Not only is an HD remastering of several of the Kingdom Hearts games in the works, but the same treatment is also being given to both Final Fantasy X and its sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, on both the PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita.

Though originally announced a few years back, news on this particular remastering has been scarce until recently, as Square has put out some promotional screenshots of the first title to show everyone what to expect from the high-definition coat of paint they’ll be giving both games. It was also announced that the releases for each system will be handled the same way as in Japan, with the PS3 versions being sold together as a bundle and the Vita versions being sold separately.

Square Enix also announced that a promotional trailer will be released for the game on Monday, March 25. At the moment, it’s unclear if this remastering will contain any brand new content for each game other than sharper graphics and Trophies, but much like the Kingdom Hearts remastering, there may be a chance of additional content from the Japanese-only special editions of both games making its way to North America for the first time.

Final Fantasy X, originally released in 2001, chronicles the adventures of Tidus, an athlete who finds himself transported from his hometown of Zanarkand to the world of Spira, which is under continuous threat from an enormous creature known only as Sin. Tidus finds himself on a pilgrimage with numerous other colorful companions, including Yuna, a summoner in training who may be the key to stopping Sin. Final Fantasy X-2, originally released in 2003, follows Yuna several years after the original game, on a quest to reunite with Tidus and once again save Spira from a dire threat.

We will keep you updated on more Final Fantasy-related news as it develops. Until then, feel free to take a look at the newly released screenshots and post your thoughts on the games below.

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