Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Finally In Full Development

Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced as a part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis group of Square Enix games at E3 2006. As of July 2011, the game hadn’t even entered production. As of this past weekend, Versus XIII is finally in full development.

Producer for the game Yoshinori Kitase spoke at a Square Enix fan event in Tokyo and mentioned that 100% development effort is currently underway for both Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Type-0, the PSP game also from the Fabula Nova Crystallis group.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is supposed to break away from the typical party-based combat style in favor of combat that’s more action-based, not unlike Kingdom Hearts.

It’s important to note that Versus XIII has already been confirmed to be a no-show at Tokyo Game Show this week, although a release date for Final Fantasy XIII-2 is expected.

What say you, gamers? Anyone else think that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is the Japanese Half Life 3?