Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Adds Ezio And Other Familiar Faces

Have you ever thought that the world of Final Fantasy XIII-2 lacked some old-world Italian charm? On April 10, you can do your best Assassin’s Creed II impression when the Ezio costume for Noel becomes available via the game’s next Japanese DLC installment. Yes, this update has been mentioned before, but it’s great to see it finally seeing the light of day.

And the DLC content keeps coming! Fan favourite recurring character Gilgamesh is making a return to Final Fantasy as a new Coliseum battle. First introduced to the series as a villain in Final Fantasy V, he has been a part of pretty much every series installment since.

The final addition is the coliseum battle with the alien posse known as Koyo-Koyo in Japan, or PuPu in North America. First introduced in Final Fantasy VIII, they have played a significantly smaller role in the series than Gilgamesh, but their inclusion here is not any less welcome. As with any other coliseum battles, both Gilgamesh and the aliens can be recruited once defeated.

Source: Joystiq

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