New Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Adds FFVI Bosses And Mass Effect Armor

There’s been some pretty cool DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2 so far. We’ve gotten old bosses, old friends and not-old guilty pleasures. But it looks like some planned DLC might be the simultaneously coolest and strangest yet.

Not to be outdone by that Assassin’s Creed crossover, the N7 Armor that Commander Shepard of Mass Effect fame will be available “soon” to download as an alternate costume. Which means two of 2012’s most disappointing endings can be shared together!

…yeah, I’m not sure I get it either.

But if nostalgia and boss battles are more your thing, two new Coliseum battles will also be made available soon, focusing on Ultros and Typhon, two bosses from Final Fantasy VI. As with the other downloadable boss battles, you’ll be able to recruit this pair of baddies into your party once defeated.

No pricing or release date is clear yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

Although, I have to wonder, Square, can you put Emerald Weapon from FFVII or Anima from FFX in next? That’d be awesome.

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