Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Featuring Sazh And Half-Naked Serah Announced

Man, if that headline doesn’t get your attention, nothing will.

Square Enix has announced plans for more DLC to hit Final Fantasy XIII-2 by the end of the month in the form of story chapters revolving around everyone’s favorite afro-wearer and some new costumes for Serah and Noel.

The story DLC, entitled Sazh: Heads or Tails?, will be available for your digital marketplace of choice for $4.99/400 MSP on February 28. The story follows parallel to the main plot, and allows players to take control of the exploits of Sazh leading up to his appearance in the main game. At the end of the chapter, the player will have the option of having Sazh fight alongside Noel and Serah. The DLC will also include two new minigames to play at the Serendipity Casino: Chronoblind and Serendipity Poker.

If you’re more in the mood for visual DLC, the same day will also see a pair of costumes for Noel and Serah. Noel will get his Spacetime Guardian outfit and Serah will get the shockingly revealing Beachwear costume. These will hit for $2.99/240 MSP.

Pictures of all the DLC can be seen in the gallery below. Remember kids, Serah is officially 21 years old by the time the events of Final Fantasy XIII-2 occur, so don’t feel creepy if you find her at all attractive.

What say you, gamers? Ready to keep a chocobo in your hair again?

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