Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Starts Next Week

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is still hot off the press, but it’s already doing better with the post-release support than it’s predecessor. Bits of content are coming starting next week for your digital marketplace of choice, and we’re starting with some pretty big stuff.

Starting next week on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace, the first pack will be available for download. Entitled Lightning and Amodar, it will allow players to travel to the in-game Coliseum to battle Lightning and her former commanding officer Master Sergeant Amodar, who you probably don’t remember was in a brief flashback sequence in the first game. If you manage to defeat the pair, Lightning will join your party, crapping all over the story of the main game.

This pack is supposed to be followed by a costume pack and additional story content revolving around certain characters. I’m hoping that means Sazh. I’m pretty sure we’ve all had enough of Snow and Vanille. I suppose I could go for some Fang too, but she’s usually accompanied by Vanille as well.

There are also supposed to be further Coliseum battles added as DLC throughout March, including some previous Final Fantasy bosses. Before you get all excited, that probably doesn’t mean Sephiroth.

What’s that, you say? Still not excited for the game? Haven’t even picked it up yet? What the Hell is wrong with you? Let this launch trailer convince you that you’re absolutely crazy for not picking the game up yet.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.

What say you, gamers? Those of you who have played the game, what do you think so far?