Final Fantasy XIII-2 Outs Jihl Nabaat For Latest DLC

Square-Enix announced recently that Jihl Nabaat, one of the primary antagonists of Final Fantasy XIII, will be coming to both the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network on March 13th for Final Fantasy XIII-2. The content is current priced at 240 Microsoft Points and $2.99 respectively.

Much like the previous DLC including Lightning and Amodar, Jihl Nabaat will be coming as an opponent in the optional coliseum battles. Once defeated she will join the ranks of Serah and Noel as an extra party member.

Also announced are additional weapons for both Noel and Serah. Serah acquires the Seraphic Wing and Noel receives a set including the Muramasa and Catastrophe Blade. Both weapons are currently available for $0.99 on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace for 80 Points.

Source: SE Members

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