Final Fantasy XIII-2 Playable At Comic-Con; Release Info Revealed

When Final Fantasy XIII released last year, it hit North American shores to mixed reviews. The game had some good moments, but also had some issues that bothered longtime fans of the series. Hopefully those issues will be resolved when its sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is released. Carrying on the storyline from its predecessor, it’s looking to please the series’ fanatics around the world.

Those attending the San Diego Comic-Con this coming weekend will have the nice opportunity to demo the anticipated title, as Square Enix have confirmed its presence in trial form. Adding onto that is the news that us North Americans will have the chance to plow through the full game this January, when it hits our region. Though, no official release date was given.

Prepare for a lot of paradigm shifts in early 2012 as Final Fantasy XIII-2 is sure to be one of the first big releases of the year. Let’s hope it lives up to the series’ past quality. What I played (and saw) from its predecessor was decent, but didn’t hook me like previous entries did. Maybe this will change that.

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