New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer Shows An Epic Divine War

Up until now, whenever I’ve written or talked to people about January release Final Fantasy XIII-2, I’ve been excited enough to pay attention, but appropriately cautious as I am with any new release. This new trailer, however, makes me VERY excited.

Although the first part makes us seem like we’re watching the first trailer all over again, the action quickly picks up to show an all out war against Lightning in her sexy armor and Caius with his giant, purple, glowing sword.

Oh, and their hundreds of minions.

I usually try to avoid sounding like a fanboy, but that trailer gave me chills. I haven’t felt that since the epic Halo 3 teaser that was released so many years ago. I think I may have even cheered with the Final Fantasy XIII-2 logo showed up at the end.

What say you, gamers? Are you as excited as I am?