Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Expansion To Introduce New Jobs, Flying Mounts And More


Square Enix has detailed the contents of Final Fantasy XIV‘s maiden expansion pack, Heavensward, which is due to weave its way into the widely-popular MMO in the beginning of 2015.

Announced during the title’s third and final fan festival in Tokyo, game director Naoki Yoshida took to the stage to confirm that the hefty DLC will introduce a sixth playable race in the Au Ra, along with two new-fangled jobs and a new flying mount.

Specifically, those two means of employment will be the Machinist (a range-based class wielding a rather badass gun), and the Astrologian (a healer-based class with a knack of casting spells). Not only that, Heavensward will also herald a new high-end raid that will please long-time fans of the series. It’s understood that the mission will become available after completing the expansion’s main scenario, and will pit players against Alexander — a mechanical goliath that has appeared as a summoning across Final Fantasy VI, VII and VIII.

In closing the fan-centric conference, Yoshida revealed a unique Collector’s Edition of the MMO, which includes a range of bonus features both in-game and out. Chief among those is a detailed art book and video disc, along with in-game perks such as the Flying Griffin mount.

Heavensward will breathe a new lease of life into Final Fantasy XIV when it becomes available in the early stages of 2015. For now, let us know whether you’re still exploring the vast open-world of Hydaelyn in the comments section below.