Final Fantasy XV Day One Patch Details Coming Monday


After one final delay was announced back in August, we’re finally approaching the release of Final Fantasy XV. Part of the reason why the highly anticipated RPG was pushed back was in order to correct various frame rate and optimization issues.

While most of these issues were going to be fixed on-disc, some will be correct via day-one patch, which Game Director Hajime Tabata spoke about in August. Since we’re less than two weeks away from the release of Final Fantasy XV now, Square Enix has finally announced when we’ll know what this patch will entail.

On Friday, the Final Fantasy XV Twitter account released a brief statement about the patch, including the fact that it will include “extra features.”

We’ve important news Monday about further enhancements and upgrades the dev team added to #FFXV for release day on 29th November. #FFXV went gold, but the development team wanted to carry on working and add extra features, so we’ll tell you about them next week. These extra features will be available as an automatic download from launch day and we think you’ll enjoy them.

It’s easy to mock Square Enix and the development team over the prolonged Final Fantasy XV production cycle, but that’s not entirely fair. No one wanted to spend 10 years working on this project, but issues arose over the past decade that got in the way of work. And while the final delay was a tad ridiculous, considering all of the pomp and circumstance that came with the September release announcement, at least Tabata-san and company are working on fixing things.

Final Fantasy XV will finally emerge on November 29 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Stay tuned for our full review of the epic, as it’ll go live closer to launch.