Has Final Fantasy XV Been Delayed Until November?


Potentially unfortunate news to report, as Square Enix has allegedly pushed back the release date of Final Fantasy XV to November 29. Rumors of the delay first appeared on Gamnesia late Friday night.

According to the report, Final Fantasy XV will indeed miss its planned September 30 release date. The information first came from a source within GameStop management, which is a source that had previously reported accurate release dates for Star Wars Battlefront and the New Nintendo 3DS prior to official announcements.

While neither Square Enix or GameStop have commented on the rumor, additional information has leaked out that only further proves that the delay is real. A second source speaking to Gematsu claimed that the Gamnesia source is correct about the delay. Additionally, a piece of GameStop marketing material was leaked online that shows a standee for the title being modified to show the new release date.

final fantasy xv rumor standee

If the delay is indeed true, it would certainly come at a strange time. The developer just released a brand new trailer for Final Fantasy XV last week, which can be seen above. The trailer features new music from Florence + The Machine, which was recorded specifically for the game and was also released last week. Furthermore, the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV film, which hit theaters in Japan last month, is set to be released in select theaters on August 19, with a Digital HD release following on August 30.

All of this is on top of the huge presentation Square Enix rolled out for the title a few months back. The biggest news that came out of the Uncovered event was the fact that the long-delayed game would finally release in September.

To put things into perspective, a two month delay isn’t the end of the world by any stretch of the imagination, but considering all of the trouble the game has went through over the years, it’s definitely a little disappointing.

Source: Gamnesia