Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Clip Features Giant Mechs And Stylish Combat


Depending on your affinity with Square’s Final Fantasy series, you’ll either struggle to muster any form of excitement for a new mainline installment, or be waiting for the launch of Final Fantasy XV with bated breath.

It’s been an awful long time coming, too, but it would appear XV‘s arrival is looming on the horizon, with this weekend’s Active Time Report heralding new information regarding the Niflheim empire, how magic filters into the JRPG sequel and a new character in the form of Aranea Highwind – one described as a “skilled aerial combatant.”


Another tidbit to emerge from the ATR showcase was a stylish new gameplay clip. Lifted from a totally different portion of the game that was highlighted during last year’s Episode Duscae demo, today’s snippet features Noctis, Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus assaulting some form of governmental facility, and it’s one that just so happens to be teeming with Metal Gear-esque mechs.

Perhaps the one thing that’ll catch the eyes of series fans, though, is the stealth gameplay, with the player tiptoeing around the Niflheim base to avoid detection. It’s an enticing look at a title that is nearing completion, and we can expect to learn much more during Square’s Uncovered event next month.

Final Fantasy XV is expected to hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at some point in late 2016. We’ll find out for sure on March 30, though, when Square Enix will stage a reveal event hosted by Kinda Funny alum Greg Miller and Tim Gettys.


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