Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Gigantic Open World And Day/Night Cycle


Square Enix has debuted an all-new look at Final Fantasy XV — the latest entry into Hironobu Sakaguchi’s long-running franchise — that showcases the game’s huge, visually stunning world.

The publisher unveiled the clip during the on-going Paris Games Week event late last night, while also outlining some of the features that the footage contains. From day/night cycles to dynamic weather, the latest FF is shaping up to be the most organic world that fans of the series have ever dipped their toes into.

Much like the combat system found in Final Fantasy XIII, players will encounter monsters as they explore the vast environment and, as the sun goes down and darkness descends, Square Enix noted that more enemies will creep out of the shadows in an attempt to ambush your squad. Heck, your teammates will also grow tired if you keep up the pace for too long, forcing to rest at a nearby gas station that will no doubt cost you some Gil.

As we’ve already gathered from previous trailers, the facial animation and character models in Final Fantasy XV are second to none. Lump that together with the Skyrim-esque exploration and emergent gameplay and you can color us very excited indeed.

Initially announced as Versus XIII all the way back in 2006, the sharp-suited, rebooted Final Fantasy XV is expected to release in the latter stages of 2015. For fans who just can’t wait for Square Enix’s latest RPG, we understand that a demo will be included within March’s Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.