Final Fantasy XV Rumored To Be A Playstation 4 Exclusive

Remember when Square-Enix Chief Technology Officer, Shinji Hashimoto, revealed at the Playstation 4 reveal event that we should be excited for E3 (hell, he practically begged us to be)? That his company has another Final Fantasy game cooking away for the next-gen? Well, according to an unknown source that has allegedly leaked intel to VGLeaks, perhaps this game is actually an upcoming exclusive to the PS4 — namely, Final Fantasy XV.

This is the very definition of a rumor. It’s a website claiming that someone from within has told them that Final Fantasy XV will be exclusive to Sony’s upcoming platform. There is no named source and the only hint at one is the author of the VGLeaks article defending himself in the comments, stating that he doesn’t want to ruin the relationship between VGLeaks and their source. Having said that, let’s continue with the juicy details.

Now, I wouldn’t blame you if you forgot about Final Fantasy Versus XIII, seeing as it was announced back in 2007 and no meaningful details have emerged since. The same screens have made the rounds over and over and over for the past five or six years. According to the alleged inside man, Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been hush-hush because it actually became Final Fantasy XV. That’s a pretty interesting tidbit but what’s even more intriguing is that Sony is helping develop the title. If this is true, then that almost cements its exclusivity.

In case you were wondering about VGLeaks’ history, I can say that they leaked out a good amount of Playstation 4 information before Sony’s February 20th event in New York. Even though they got that right, no site has ever nailed all their rumors with a 100% accuracy rating. So again, take this with a grain of salt.

What do you think? Excited or has the Final Fantasy XIII titles burned you out on the once-revered franchise? Sound off in the comments below.

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