Final Fantasy XV’s Final DLC Will Introduce Online Multiplayer


With Final Fantasy XV having suffered a tumultuous development cycle and numerous delays since its inception, you’d think that DLC would be the last thing on Square Enix’s mind as it scrambles to finally get the JRPG into the hands of players, but it appears as if the opposite is true.

As it turns out, the $24.99 Season Pass for the ambitious title will come packed with all sorts of content, including various story episodes focused around each of main character Noctis’ companions. Gladio, Ignis and Prompto will all be given their own time to shine in each episode, but one final DLC is planned following those that aims to wrap everything up rather neatly.

During a phone interview with Eurogamer, Final Fantasy XV producer Haruyoshi Sawatari confirmed to the site that the final add-on will come in the form of an online multiplayer expansion that allows players to team-up and play as any of the four comrades. Beyond the concept being finalized, it appears as if the feature is a long way off from being actively developed, so how long we’ll have to wait is anyone’s guess.

According to Sawatari, the first DLC pack, which focuses on Gladio, is roughly 20 per cent complete, development for which has been ongoing since summer.

We drew up a road map for the DLC and what we’re going to do. The first thing we wanted was to take the three comrade characters in the game, in addition to the player character Noctis, and to make those characters playable in their own right. So we’re going to do individual story episodes, one episode focusing on each of the characters in the game, and in those we’re going to be adding new gameplay styles and mechanics, as well as new locations to visit.

Final Fantasy XV hits PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 29. A PC version won’t be available from launch day, but Square Enix hasn’t ruled out the existence of one in the future.