Where To Find The First Artefact Piece In Apex Legends

Apex Legends Wattson

One big new gameplay feature added to Apex Legends in Season 5 is a multi-part PvE quest that tasks players with solving a mystery.

Split into multiple bite-sized chunks, Respawn plans to have “The Broken Ghost” story unfold over several weeks, with the newly-added first chapter requiring that players seek out the first piece of an enigmatic artefact. As a primarily teamwork-based gameplay experience, it goes without saying that’ll you have a much easier time completing objectives in a three-man squad, though if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, all of the following steps can be completed solo.

To ensure smooth-sailing once you drop into Kings Canyon, you’ll need to have the right team composition. Legends such as Wattson and/or Caustic are the perfect picks for this particular challenge, as you’ll be required to defend a specific area from a horde of enemies later on. Immediately upon starting the mission, you’ll find yourself in the nighttime version of Kings Canyon with an eight-minute countdown. If the clock hits zero, it’s game over, so time is of the essence.

Make your way towards the map marker and head inside the tunnel to encounter the first of many Prowlers that’ll need to be dealt with on your way to the objective. Keep an eye out for loot bins on your way to the Artillery area – their contents will come in handy for the upcoming fight. Once you’ve scrounged up enough items, head inside the hangar and use the drill to start excavating the artefact. The aforementioned countdown will stop ticking at this point, so feel free to focus on defending the drill from several waves of approaching Prowlers.

One the artefact is retrieved, you’ll need to pick it up and escape ASAP – that pesky timer will have recommenced at this point, leaving you with just 25 seconds to escape. As fleet-footed as you can, head for the first building on your right and go to the roof, all while fending off any stray Prowlers. Jump aboard the dropship and hey presto, mission complete!

Besides the artefact piece, your efforts will be rewarded with a Gun Charm cosmetic and some lore that teases what’s to come in future installments of Apex Legends‘ Broken Ghost questline. Good work!