Find Out What You Are Fighting For In This New Killzone: Shadow Fall Trailer

killzone shadow fall ps4

A new trailer posted to the Official PlayStation Blog has shed some light on the storyline behind the upcoming Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Action in Killzone: Shadow Fall takes place on the planet Vekta, where rival Helghast and Vektan factions are forced to live side by side. As tensions rise between the two groups, Helghast leader Chancellor Visari and Vektan Security Agency Director Sinclair are both trying to better their people at the expense of the other.

Besides the Helghast and Vektan, there are other groups that are also plotting to achieve their desired results. These include the Black Hand, who wish to force a civil war between the two factions, and Echo, who are doing all they can do in order to stop the Black Hand. Protagonist Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan must do whatever it takes to keep all of these groups in line and hopefully save Vekta from destroying itself.

Aside from just revealing plot details, this Killzone: Shadow Fall trailer also shows off the power of the PlayStation 4. Simply put, the graphics for this title are absurdly good. You can see why Sony is strongly pushing this as the launch title to have come November. The title also looks like it will have a very cinematic look, which isn’t too surprising considering where popular shooters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield are taking their campaigns these days.

Killzone: Shadow Fall will launch with the PlayStation 4 on November 15th. We will have continuing coverage of both the title and the system as the launch date draws closer.

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