Where To Find The Hidden Battle Star In Fortnite Season X Week 1

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Epic Games has ushered in a brand new season of play for Fortnite and, as usual, fans have been inundated with generous helpings of new content. With the slate wiped clean, so to speak, every Battle Island citizen is, once more, on an even playing field in the race to reach 100% Battle Pass completion via completing a weekly list of challenges. Like clockwork, the first batch of tasks are available right now and require partaking in an eclectic number of activities.

As is customary, of course, Epic has somewhere hidden an additional Battle Star on Battle Island to be discovered. Players will need to employ their own investigative skills in order to unearth the Star’s hiding place but not before crossing off the entirety of Week 1’s standard challenges, which can be seen below:

Week 1 Challenges

  • Visit Drift painted Durrr Burger Head, a Dinosaur and a Stone Head Statue
  • Deal 200 damage to opponents while riding in a vehicle
  • Destroy 10 stop signs with the Catalyst outfit
  • Ride a zipline in 3 different matches
  • Search chests in 3 different named locations
  • Visit Lazy Lagoon and Lucky Landing in a single match
  • Get 250,000 trick points in a vehicle

A tame set of objectives for Season X’s inaugural week, then, but to be expected, what with each new reset representing the perfect entry point for newcomers. With the newly-assembled B.R.U.T.E. mech considered a vehicle, we’d suggest seeking one out immediately to get a headstart on others attempting the second quest on that list. Especially so, what with Season 8’s Baller and other forms of locomotion now retired as of this week.

Regardless of what order you decide to tackle them, finishing Week 1 will unlock new loading screen art filled with hints to that lucrative hidden Battle Star’s whereabouts. Check it out below.

This time around, the sequence of figures etched into a metal beam above X Lord’s head are the key to solving the mystery. Deciphered, they lead to an area just south of The Block. Have a nosy around the immediate area and the secret star should reveal itself. Bear in mind that only players who have completed every preceding Week 1 challenge will be able to see the Star.

Good luck on your treasure hunt, Fortnite fans!