Where To Find Magic: The Gathering – Adventures In The Forgotten Realms Card Reveals

magic the gathering

The third in a record five expansions (Innistrad will arrive in two parts later this year) releasing for Magic: The Gathering‘s Standard format in 2021 is shaping up to be one of the game’s most anticipated in a long time.

For good reason, too, as Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is no ordinary add-on. An adaptation of the iconic Dungeons & Dragons campaign of the same name, this crossover set is packed with creatures, sorceries and enchantments themed after the popular tabletop RPG, with Wizards of the Coast even going so far as to create an all-new type of card specifically for the occasion. In case you missed the reveal last week, dungeon cards, as the name suggests, allow players to mimic the act of spelunking in a monster-filled den, with rich rewards promised for anyone able to slay its denizens.

To ensure it feels as much like a Magic release as, say, Kaldheim or Strixhaven, this summer’s new arrival contains all the staples one would expect to find in booster packs, with some early previews having already debuted a handful of powerful Planeswalkers. This is, of course, but a sample of the 281 cards included in the set, but you won’t have to wait long in order to uncover more, as spoiler season officially kicks off today.

As always, many of these will be unveiled by professional players, influencers and content creators (full list can be found in the link below) but those who would rather get the daily digest direct from the horse’s mouth can do so by tuning into Gavin Verhey’s Good Morning Magic video series. Episodes will air daily from June 29th all the way through to July 2nd and be supplemented by updates on the official Magic: The Gathering YouTube channel.

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms launches simultaneously in physical and digital formats on July 23rd.