How To Find The Secret Level In Marvel’s Avengers’ Beta

Marvel's Avengers

The initial beta period for Marvel’s Avengers is now live for all PlayStation 4 owners who have the game pre-ordered and already, fans have started uncovering some neat extras that Crystal Dynamics has thrown in for the most eagle-eyed players to uncover.

If you’re one of the thousands already fighting crime as Iron Man, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel or Hulk, you’ll no doubt have discovered that a wealth of content is available on this version of the title. What you may not know, however, is that one of the beta’s most entertaining sections isn’t available by default and can only be unlocked by fulfilling a number of prerequisites. Contrary to what the in-game War Table map will have you believe, the initial Snowy Tundra mission you’re greeted by when first booting up the beta can, in fact, be revisited a second time for some rare, powerful loot.

To do so, your first port of call will be the Star Realities War Zone (i.e. multiplayer) mission. While making your way through the main objective, make sure to hit upon the D-Pad whenever you come across “?” markers littered around the environment. Each mystery side objective that you successfully complete will have a chance of providing a pair of coordinates. It’s not entirely clear how high the chance of receiving the notification is, though it shouldn’t take more than a handful of completions to find what you seek.

Once you’ve obtained the required information, Snowy Tundra will once more become available upon your next visit to the War Table. Unlike before, however, you’ll be able to explore this version of the mission with any character you so choose, with high-level gear ripe for the taking – assuming you’re lucky, of course.

Marvel’s Avengers is out September 4th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Stadia. See here to find out when the beta goes live for your chosen platform.