Firaxis Reveal In-Game Stats With XCOM 2’s Ongoing Global Overview


Almost a week after XCOM 2 released worldwide, Firaxis have started to update their players with news of the carnage that has unfolded in the game thus far. Posted as part of what looks to be an ongoing Global Overview, the developer has published a plethora of the best statistics to demonstrate the fortunes of their players up to this point.

It’s hardly surprising that the studio would want to publish these numbers as, even with a cursory glance, they’re pretty impressive; it’s clear that XCOM 2 has started its commercial life very successfully when you see the stats its fans are already posting.

To cherry pick a few of the interesting details in the overview, 4,476,476 missions had been completed by players at the time of writing. Of that 4,476,476, approximately 24% had been deemed “flawless”; a respectable ratio. Also, so far, over 54 million enemies have been vanquished by XCOM 2 players, but of course we all know that there are plenty more where they came from.

Furthermore, almost 3 million doors and windows have been destroyed by marauding soldiers, and almost 9 and a half million promotions have been earned over the course of the ongoing battle. Way to go, you guys!

XCOM 2 looks set to keep on bringing these huge numbers to its battlefields, and you can keep an eye on the progress of your fellow soldiers at the official Global Overview.

Source: Firaxis

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