Firefall Is Open For Business On July 29th


Just a year ago, MMO Firefall looked to be on the verge of collapse – PvP was suspended, the Jetball PvP mode was attracting lower than 3% of the player base, and the game’s developer, Red 5 Studios, voted out CEO Mark Kern. Suffice it to say, the MMO’s future looked relatively bleak. Until now.

Recently, it was announced that Firefall will exit open beta on July 29th, the game’s official launch date. Along with the date comes an assortment of new content, most importantly in the form of returning PvP. This time, PvP will be an open world tug-of-war that emphasizes base captures and resource collection. The launch also provides a considerable amount of new areas, roughly quadrupling the size of the original environment.

“The update we are releasing for launch will be the largest update we have ever had,” new Red 5 CEO James Macauley said in a related press release. Firefall will be free-to-play on July 29th, but those itching to get early access to the game can do so by purchasing a pack, either for $30 or $100, depending on the amount of in-game goodies you want.

As the first game developed by Red 5 Studios, Firefall has experienced a tumultuous lifespan since being officially announced in 2010, but it appears to be in an upswing with a new CEO, a firm release date, and a growing fanbase that continues to be excited about the free-to-play MMO’s lofty potential.

Source: Joystiq