[UPDATED] First Dark Souls III DLC To Add PvP Arena, New Weapons And Magic

Dark Souls III Screenshot 2

UPDATE: VideoGamer reports that a Tweet sent out by Sony which has since been taken down has named Dark Souls III‘s first DLC as being called ‘Ashes of Ariandel’. It’s currently not clear why the announcement post was removed.

Original Story: Bandai Namco has revealed details for Dark Souls III‘s first DLC to various Japanese gaming mags this week, including a release date of October 26. There doesn’t seem to be any mention of a name for the additional content, but thanks to Japanese website Hachima (via Siliconera), we know at least some of the features to be included.

New weapons and spells, including one that appears to conjure a storm of ice and another that’s a projectile made of light are pictured in the reveal, as well as new weapons. Additionally, a new PvP map called Immortal Competition is mentioned, and appears to be a dedicated arena for fans of the Souls series’ competitive multiplayer.

Strangely, no mention is made of any single-player content which, if accurate, will undoubtedly leave gamers enamoured by the player-vs-enemy combat and lore of Dark Souls III more than a little disappointed. There’s every chance that some of the information has been lost in translation though, so don’t jump the gun just yet.

Either way, we can probably expect Bandai Namco to make an English-language announcement concerning the DLC tomorrow, especially as the publisher teased last week that huge news will be coming tomorrow.

Hachima says Dark Souls III‘s first DLC will be priced at 1,200 Yen ($13) for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.