First Dark Souls III Expansion Expected To Claw Its Way Out Of The Shadows In Fall 2016

Dark Souls III Screenshot 2

Early adopters may still be clawing their way through the sequel’s opening chapters – fighting tooth, nail and estus flask past every heinous monstrosity that creeps out of the shadows – but publisher Bandai Namco has already laid out a preliminary timeline for Dark Souls III‘s expansions.

Word comes by way of VideoGamer, reporting that Bandai and developer From Software have pegged the RPG’s maiden expansion for release in fall of this year, with a second DLC poised to follow shortly thereafter. Unlike its immediate predecessor, Dark Souls III will feature two major content packs – as opposed to the Lost Crowns trilogy featured in Dark Souls II – though exactly what those add-ons will entail remains to be seen.

What we do know is that each post-launch content drop is included in the game’s season priced, available for $24.99 (£19.99). Expect those to comprise new bosses – surprise! – grotesque enemies, weapons and finally new armor. No word yet on the individual pricing details for Dark Souls III‘s expansions, though we’ll update this post if and when we learn more.

Dark Souls III launch to rave reviews – including our own – earlier this week, and you can currently find From Software’s brutal RPG sequel causing nightmares across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.