First Look At Fight Night Champion

Fight Night Champion is the next game in the famed Fight Night series from EA. For those who have played any of the titles in the series, you’ll know that it’d be foolish to expect anything less than superb from Fight Night Champion. Establishing itself as the best boxing game on the market, the Fight Night games are all great.

Today we get a first look at the next game in the series, Fight Night Champion. Perhaps what is most interesting about this one is that it will be the first EA game to earn a ‘M’ rating. The official description of the game is as follows:

“As the first-ever ‘M’ rated EA SPORTS title, Fight Night Championshowcases the truest graphical representation of the sport, lifestyle, and culture of boxing with authentic and dynamic blood, realistic body damage and deformation, and mature content throughout. Experience the violence and brutality that is true to the trade.”

Check out the trailer for it below and let us know what you think. I think it looks pretty amazing and I’ll definitely be picking this one up. I loved Fight Night Round 4, and although I’m not a big boxing fan in general, this is one game I’ll surely be playing.