First Three-Day Sales Of Pokemon Sun And Moon Nears The 2 Million Mark In Japan

As if there’s any surprise, Pokemon Sun and Moon have managed to rack up sales of almost 2 million in Japan within its first three-days of release. As per Famitsu (via GameSpot), the seventh generation Pokemon titles have sold a whopping 1,905,107 copies at retail over the initial three-day period in Japan alone, a truly colossal number for a country that struggles to see other big releases reach a million sales within their first week of release, let alone three days.

With that said, GameSpot notes that sales of Sun and Moon are actually down slightly on 2013’s X and Ywith the latter having sold 1,866,570 copies at retail in Japan within two days of release and 2.096 after three days, topping Sun and Moon‘s performance. However, all of the above figures only take physical sales into account, so it’s entirely possible (and probable) that Sun and Moon has surpassed its predecessor thanks to digital sales.

Nintendo confirmed shortly before the release of Sun and Moon that the combined pre-order numbers of both had broken records for the company, officially being the most pre-ordered titles in its history. Do note that all of the above comes by way of Famitsu rather than Nintendo itself, so they’re not official until the latter releases its own figures. No sales data for North America or other territories has been made public.

Pokemon Sun and Moon have been available on 3DS since November 18 in almost all territories except Europe, which finally gets its hands on the RPG tomorrow, November 23. Like the rest of the internet, we gave the games a glowing recommendation in our review.