Fixes For Accidental Apex Legends Nerfs Are Coming Soon

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players who consider Bangalore and/or Caustic to be their mains finally know when to expect a bug affecting both to be stamped out.

For those not aware of the issue, last month marked the arrival of Chaos Theory, a new limited-time event bursting at the seams with cosmetics to earn and balance tweaks to several members of the battle royale’s roster. While most of these latter adjustments were documented in accompanying patch notes, two immediately noticeable changes were left unaccounted for.

Bangalore and Caustic, both of whom rely on sight-obscuring abilities to gain the upper hand in a firefight, seemingly had the potency of their gas and smoke-spewing gadgets drastically reduced, leaving many to wonder why two characters not traditionally considered overpowered had been struck by the nerf bat.

Not long following the arrival of Chaos Theory, lead game designer Daniel Klein confirmed on Reddit that the team had never intended to ship fixes to either ability and that in reality, both were an unexpected side effect of unrelated under-the-hood improvements. Klein stated at the time that a remedy was currently being worked on and said he would provide further details at a later date, but that was a month ago.

Eager to learn of any progress the developer had made since, user KeepYouPosted asked if an ETA was possible, to which Klein responded with confirmation that Season 9 will deliver the long-awaited band-aid. Speaking of, Apex Legends‘ next outing is scheduled to kick off on May 4th and introduces hotshot Tian pilot, Valkyrie. Whether the newcomer will actually have access to her mech suit during the Apex Games remains to be seen, but expect more news over the coming weeks.