Flappy Bird Is Returning To Mobile Devices In August

flappy bird

Hey guys, remember Flappy Bird? You know, the super frustrating mobile game that came out of nowhere earlier this year and was then randomly removed from both the iTunes App Store and Google Play due to creator Don Nguyen claiming it ruined his “simple life?” Well, it looks like he has had a change of heart, as the game will be returning to mobile devices in August.

Nguyen revealed the news about the game’s return to CNBC reporter Kelly Evans earlier today. Donna Burton, a talent producer at CNBC, also tweeted the news, with some additional details on what this edition of Flappy Bird will entail.

Besides this nugget of information, not much else was revealed about the title’s comeback release. However, Nguyen did also announce that he is working on several other games, including one which involves players jumping from “building to building.”

Back when all the controversy about Flappy Bird was taking place, I thought it was pretty ridiculous. Stories about how after the game was removed from online marketplaces, phones with it still installed were being sold for exorbitant amounts of money pretty much broke my brain.

The question now, though, is does anyone still really care about Flappy Bird? Is its return enough to lure people back into a genre that was not only ran into the ground, but also saw several more innovative variations released (Flappy MMO, Flappy Golf). I suppose we will find out come August.

Tell us, what do you think of the return of Don Nguyen and Flappy Bird? Do you think it can return to its former prominence, or will it just be another in a long line of flash in the pan mobile games? Sound off below!

Source: IGN