Flower, flOw, Sound Shapes, And Escape Plan Headed To PS4 As Cross-Buy Titles

flower ps4 (1)

Sony announced this morning that four of their most popular PS3 and/or PS Vita downloadable titles (Flower, flOw, Sound Shapes, and Escape Plan) are being ported to the PlayStation 4.

A PS4 version of Flower has been talked about for quite some time, but Sony has now officially confirmed that the 1080p, 60fps port will launch alongside the next-gen console on November 15th (the exact same day that it lands on the PS Vita). thatgamecompany’s first PS3 title, flOw, is also scheduled for release on the Vita and PS4 on November 29th.

Queasy Games’ stylized musical platformer, Sound Shapes, makes the jump from the PS3/PS Vita to the PS4 on November 15th, followed by Fun Bits’ Escape Plan on November 29th.

The biggest news for these PlayStation 4 titles is that they will all be Cross-Buy games, meaning you only have to purchase one version to be able to download the game on both the Vita and PS4. Even better, if you have already purchased any of the games on the PS Store you will be able to download the PS4 and Vita ports for free.

It is also worth pointing out that Flower and flOw‘s PS4 confirmation raises some doubt on whether thatgamecompany misread the question about Journey, or accidentally let the cat out of the bag.

Check out Flower, flOwSound Shapes, and Escape Plan‘s PlayStation 4 announcement trailer and screenshots embedded below. We will keep an eye out for any additional titles that might be getting the PS4 port treatment and let you know as soon as anything is confirmed.