Flurry Of Gameplay Info Leaked Ahead Of Star Wars Battlefront Alpha


DICE’s closed alpha for Star Wars Battlefront may not have kicked off in earnest – the testing is due to begin later today for a select number of Origin players – but that hasn’t stopped eagle-eyed users from combing through the client’s download files to unearth new information relating to the studio’s licensed shooter.

Though it wasn’t long before the early gameplay footage was yanked from YouTube, NeoGaf has compiled a detailed list of all the weapons, vehicles and indeed locales that appear to be available in the vertical slice.


As the leaked screenshot above attests, Battlefront‘s imminent alpha test will comprise both the multiplayer and single-player and co-op friendly Missions mode. According to the forum user, the multiplayer segment will center around Walker Assault – the Hoth-set stage that was showcased during E3 – while the Missions segment will offer players the chance to venture onto Tatooine at different times of day.

Further in the leak, there’s also a bevy of details relating to the vehicles one can expect in the full game – whether or not these appear in the alpha, though, is another question entirely. Paying homage to Star Wars‘ original trilogy, we have the T-65 X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Lambda Shuttle, Y-Wing, Tie-Bomber, Corellian Corvette, Nebulon B Frigate, ISD (Imperial Star Destroyer), AT-ST, AT-AT, TIE Interceptor, 74-Z Speeder Bike. Weapons, on the other hand, are merely referenced by various codes, such as EE3 that may or many not harbor ties to fan favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett.

It goes without saying that all of this information is in now way indicative of the final product, but it’s still an intriguing peak behind the curtain of Star Wars Battlefront nonetheless.

Star Wars Battlefront is due to land for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 17. Check back with We Got This Covered over the coming days as it’s likely that additional information will escape the confinements of the closed alpha.

Source: NeoGaf