The Force Is Strong Within This Kinect Star Wars Launch Trailer

In early April, the force will bestow itself to Kinect owners, with the release of Kinect Star Wars. Allowing fans to interact with the popular science fiction universe using physical maneuvers, the anticipated motion title looks to cement itself as a must-own game for the popular peripheral.

In order to remind us that its next major project is on its way, Microsoft has unveiled its Kinect Star Wars launch trailer. It shows how everyday people can easily become a digital jedi, podracer, space ship, or monster. Keep in mind that a galactic dancing mini-game will also be included, allowing for some cantina dance parties.

Kinect Star Wars will be released on April 3 with a suggested price point of $49.99. A limited edition R2D2 Xbox 360 console bundle will also hit store shelves on that date, retailing for $449.99. It will ship with a gold C3-PO controller, a white Kinect peripheral and a copy of the game.

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