Form And Lead Your Own Motorcycle Club In Grand Theft Auto Online’s Latest Update


The latest update for Grand Theft Auto V‘s online component has been revealed by Rockstar today, and we imagine its contents will be welcomed by many. Simply called Bikers, the upcoming free patch for Grand Theft Auto Online brings with it several features that have been frequently requested by fans since the massively-multiplayer service launched back in 2013.

When it drops, Bikers will allow up to 8 players to form, manage and run their own motorcycle club which will offer a range of “new roles to play” as well as introduce a “massive slate of new competitive and co-op gameplay,” according to Rockstar.

To help you begin your new business venture, a whole new range of motorcycles, as well as purchasable MC Clubhouses will be made available, along with a special custom Biker mechanic that will help you make your dream two-wheeler.

Of course, given the open-ended nature of the GTA universe, you’re never coerced into following a set path, so whether you decide to run an above board club or a more shady organization, Rockstar’s got you covered. Weapons, styles, tattoos and features “of all kinds” will be made available for “bikers of all kinds.”

So, what can you and your new MC do besides burn rubber in GTA Online? Well, that will probably be enough for some people, but new high-level, high-risk vehicle-based “business ventures” will be popping up in Los Santos and Blaine County very soon, according to Rockstar.

No release date has been set for Bikers yet, but Rockstar has confirmed that it will be included in the next Grand Theft Auto Online update, so you better start saving your cash now.

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