Form Your Own Empire With Grand Theft Auto V’s Executives And Other Criminals DLC


Grab some tissues for your eyes, everyone – you’re going to need them after you see the eye-watering amount of new content Rockstar have delivered with their latest update for Grand Theft Auto V‘s online component.

The Executives And Other Criminals DLC has gone live for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC today, adding a colossal amount of new features for fans to get excited about. Included with the bumper update is the ability to found your own criminal organization and hire other players to serve as bodyguards for your new business venture. However, you’ll need to part with a huge mountain of cash to do so, as it requires $1m of start up funds to get the ball rolling.

In addition to that nifty feature, new modes, challenges and jobs have been added to keep things fresh in San Andreas, but there’s one more feature that’s bound to demand your attention. If you’re one of those players that’s been hoarding cash, waiting to spend it on something worthwhile, your wait is over; Yachts are now available for purchase. The multi-million dollar, floating homes are absurdly expensive, luxurious and the perfect way to show off your wealth.

Check out the update notes below for the full details of what the Grand Theft Auto V DLC contains.

Be Your Own Boss

Players with more than GTA$1M cash in their Maze bank account can choose to become a VIP with the ability to create and name their own organization, and hire up to 3 other players to serve as Bodyguards. All players will have access to the new SecuroServ menu in the Player Interaction Menu to become a VIP and build their organization.

Steady Work

Players looking to join an organization as Bodyguards can look out for invites on the new SecuroServ app on the phone and can set their status as ‘looking for work’ via the SecuroServ menu. VIPs can drop ammo and armor for members of the Organization, as well as order new vehicles on-demand including the newTurreted Limo, and call-in favors like Ghost Organization to temporarily remove the entire organization from the radar.

Joining an Organization as a Bodyguard has the advantage of delivering a periodic salary of GTA$5,000, as well as bringing in additional cash and RP for taking on VIP Work and VIP Challenges that occur within Freemode. However, any cash winnings earned by an employed Bodyguard while not working for the Organization (such as completing Freemode Events or other Freemode activities like Bounties or Hold Ups) goes to the VIP. Bodyguards also enjoy additional benefits including accelerated health regeneration, frequent RP bonuses and stat boosts when in the vicinity of the VIP.

New Games and Challenges

  • In Hostile Takeover, an unknown package is held within a restricted area, and organizations compete to collect the package and deliver it to a set location. Sounds deceptively simple, but when the ‘package’ is a tank held inside Fort Zancudo, things get tricky fast.
  • Asset Recovery sends your organization to LSPD stations around the city to recover impounded vehicles. It’s up to your outfit to free up those assets and return them to a designated location, while the cops and other players in the session will be looking to destroy your vehicles.
  • Piracy Prevention is attack and defense on the decks of a luxurious Super Yacht. Defending players spawn on the yacht while attacking players spawn on shore with access to boats, helis and Seasharks ready to head out and capture the upper deck.
  • Executive Deathmatch puts rival organizations in a Deathmatch-style battle inside of Freemode, with each VIP allotted just 10 lives.
  • Executive Search tasks the Organization with protecting their VIP in a section of the map, while all players in the Freemode Session can hunt down the VIP for a reward. Take advantage of new tools of the trade to help keep the VIP alive for 10 minutes, like the Benefactor Turreted Limo.
  • Or take on Sightseer, where a VIP must successfully complete a series of hacking challenges to unlock the locations of packages scattered around the map. Speed is key, and fast wheels like the Bravado Verlierer, Imponte Nightshade and Declasse Mamba will improve your chances at success, although be warned that rival Organizations in the Freemode Session will try to stop you by any means necessary.

VIP Challenges

  • Most Wanted: The heat is right around the corner, with all players in the organization hit with a 5-star wanted level. With a countdown of 10 minutes, the last player alive wins the challenge.
  • Market Manipulation: All open convenience stores are blipped on the map. Players have to race from store to store in a hold-up spree to collect as much money as possible. When time counts down, the player with the most money wins.
  • Auto Buyout: Players must steal and deliver as many vehicles as they can. Every vehicle has a specific value displayed when you enter the vehicle, so choose your acquisitions carefully. The player with the highest total value of vehicles delivered at the end of the timer wins.

Yacht Life

For the ultimate room with a view, players will have the option to purchase a single Super Yacht from the Docktease website. Yachts function as floating apartments and come fully staffed with your own personal captain to shift the boat between your choice of 12 scenic mooring locations around Los Santos and Blaine County, and a bartender to serve drinks for you and your guests. Choose from a range of designs, with higher-end yachts featuring hot tubs, and additional complimentary transport options including helicopters and personal watercraft. Name your vessel and personalize it with a custom flag, hull color and a variety of lighting options. Each Yacht comes equipped with an anti-air defense system to help protect against unwanted attacks from rival Organizations and other Freemode attackers.