New Leaks Suggest Fortnite Chapter 2 Is Bringing Back A Controversial Weapon


In order to maintain some semblance of balance in an ever-evolving world and metagame, Epic Games has been forced to come up with novel ideas meant to keep gameplay feeling eternally fresh for Fortnite players.

One key component of this effort is the battle royale’s Vault: a metaphorical stasis chamber that houses any weapon, vehicle or gadget that’s deemed to be either too prevalent or overpowered in the existing sandbox. In recent times, the developer has also resorted to placing problem items either plagued with bugs or other issues inside, with the addendum that it could bring any such gear back in future seasons and the time, it seems, has come for one particularly controversial resident to make its grand return in the near future.

As noted by xXCBRY3Xx over on Reddit, new files included with Fortnite‘s latest update have reintroduced the Guided Missile Launcher.

For those that missed its domination of Battle Island back in 2018, the high-explosive ordnance garnered something of a reputation for itself of being obnoxiously overpowered, as it allowed wielders to waste any opponent unfortunate enough to enter its crosshairs from extreme distances. Oh, and it’s probably worth mentioning, too, that players were able to ride each missile around the map at insane speeds, and that’s not even touching on the various egregious bugs associated with its time in the meta.

Those fearing a return to those dark days shouldn’t panic just yet, however. There’s every chance that Epic could be bringing back the weapon for Creative Mode rather than standard playlists, but we’ll ultimately just have to wait and see what it decides.

In the meantime, you can head over here for a rundown of all the content introduced with Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, including one new feature that’ll be immediately familiar to fans of Respawn’s Apex Legends.

Source: Reddit