Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Adds Weapon Crafting And Animal Hunting

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Image via Epic Games

The winds of change (or, more accurately, gigantic pulses of unidentified energy) have once again swept over Apollo Island, their arrival triggering drastic alterations to Fortnite‘s ecosystem. Otherwise known as Primal, Chapter 2 Season 6 has finally gone live in the battle royale and this time around, Epic Games has introduced something of an unexpected twist. While the Zero Point has now been temporarily contained thanks to The Foundation’s intervention, its influence has resulted in almost the total erasure of advanced technology, essentially sending large portions of the map thousands of years back in time.

Fortunately, some rudimentary components required to make guns have been salvaged (because of course they have), but only through utilizing a new crafting system will players be able to make the strongest gear available. This includes monstrously powerful ‘Primal’ weapons, including bows, rifles and revolvers, and you can check those out in the gallery down below.

As for where you can find the necessary materials to make Season 6’s rarest loot, hunting is one such avenue. Wolves, boars, chickens and a whole host of other creatures now freely roam wildlands surrounding the Spire, with points of interest such as Colossal Crops and Bony Burbs serving as prime areas to hone your skills. While the prey you can find from day one will present little threat, Epic promises that some of the most fearsome predators have yet to be let loose and we’re fully expecting dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts to show up over the next three months or so. As for folks who prefer traditional weaponry, several caches to have survived the purge can be found littered around the game world which, when looted, will yield more advanced weapons of mass destructions such as rocket launchers.

Enjoying your stay in a radically changed Fortnite, or is the setting not to your liking? Let us know your thoughts in the usual place below!