Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Will Have Single-Player Content

Fortnite Photo

Epic Games is approaching the delivery of Fortnite‘s next big update from a completely different angle.

As announced earlier today, the developer confirmed that when Chapter 2 Season 6 arrives early next week, fans won’t be skydiving straight back onto Apollo Island, but being eased into all of the new content with a special single-player experience. A blog post discussing the unconventional means of ushering in a new era for the battle royale reveals that upon first login following the conclusion of maintenance, everyone will be prompted to play through Zero Crisis Finale. As the name suggests, this will not only bring Agent Jones’ recruitment mission to a close, but serve as a narrative bridge between Seasons 5 and 6.

For those who would rather watch the climactic occasion alongside their peers before playing, a global premiere is due to take place within the next few days with a specific time to be provided shortly.

With a definitive end date now in sight, several special events and modes introduced during Zero Point will be leaving soon. That being the case, players who’ve perhaps been lagging behind or so far neglected to do so will want to grab any limited-time cosmetics before they’re gone for good. This includes, among other things, a series of Beskar Quests required to unlock Din Djarin’s armor as seen in The Mandalorian, as well as Baby Yoda Back Bling awarded for reaching level 100 on the Battle Pass. Likewise, Jungle Hunter challenges – tasks which, upon completion, make the Predator outfit available – will need to be ticked off in this timeframe, as too, will any post-level 100 trials for lucrative Crystal Style skins.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 kicks off next week, March 16th. Stay tuned for all the usual guides and tips to get a headstart shortly after it goes live.