Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Adds New Weapons, Customizable Skins, Superman, More


Christmas comes but once a year unless, of course, you’re a Fortnite player. Every three months, Epic Games deploys its next major update for the battle royale, each of which bears gifts (albeit unwrapped) in the form of playable content, earnable cosmetics and a weekly unfolding story. And in stark contrast to the prehistoric theme of Season 6, today’s bumper patch marks the beginning of an alien invasion on the shores of Apollo Island.

Indeed, upon first logging in, fans will no doubt notice that the skies overhead are now littered with mysterious spacecraft and only by banding together and following the well-informed advice of Doctor Slone will the community be able to repel this latest threat.

To help you complete that mission is an armory restock comprised of several brand new weapons like the Rail Gun and Recon Scanner, but it’s not just human tech you’ll have access to. The Kymera Ray Gun is just one of many guns wielded by the extraterrestrials added to world loot, and that’s not all. The aforementioned UFOs maintaining aerial superiority can either be shot down or hijacked, with plenty of room on board for your squad.

If, on the other hand, you’re pining for the return of armaments long since Vaulted, now’s the time to get stuck in. Crafting materials obtained by defeating aliens can be used to construct various favorites such as the Burst Assault Rifle, Rapid Fire SMG and Lever-action Shotgun.

Last but certainly not least, Fortnite‘s refreshed Battle Pass is packed with all sorts of goodies, including a skin based on DC’s Superman. If you haven’t already, see here for our guide on how to unlock the coveted cosmetic.