Fortnite Chapter 2’s Fishing Rod Has Been Upgraded

Fortnite Photo

Besides using the total destruction of Fortnite‘s Battle Island at Season X’s climax as the catalyst to introduce new map Apollo, Epic Games has taken the opportunity to add all sorts of fresh features to the battle royale to mark Chapter 2’s arrival.

Headlining the raft of improvements, of course, is the implementation of AI-controlled bots as a means of easing new players into the fold, but a particular emphasis has also been placed on shaking up the status quo for veteran players who had perhaps grown weary of Fortnite‘s increasingly formulaic updates. The ability to carry downed teammates to safety and conceal oneself in hideouts, for example, has already shaken up the metagame on a large scale, but none more so than fishing.

Epic raised more than a few eyebrows when it confirmed that new visitors to Apollo would be able to partake in the ancient art, which not only lets players fish up some hefty health-boosting treats but weapons, too.

What’s more, a recent update to the game appears to have upgraded the tool’s abilities even further. Check out the clip provided by Reddit user Snekiecr8 via the link below.

It’s a simple change at first glance, but letting combatants hook any item in sight to be reeled directly to their feet has already prompted leagues of fans to start strategizing. Using rare loot as bait to lure in opponents is an early favourite, for sure, and I expect all sorts of wacky gameplay to emerge down the line (pun intended), too.

Interestingly, data miners discovered earlier this week that Epic has plans to introduce a new weapon, the Harpoon Gun, into the arena in a future update that’s said to behave in a similar manner to Fortnite‘s new and improved fishing rod. That being the case, today’s development could be a result of the studio wanting to test its latest armory addition via non-lethal means.

Regardless, be sure to let us know if you’ve come up with any ingenious uses for Fortnite‘s fishing rod via the usual place below!