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Fortnite data miners unearth potential Green Goblin and Hawkeye skins

Within the latest update, data miners claim to have found files that would indicate these Marvel characters are joining the game.

Early this morning Fortnite launched its latest update v19.10 and, as usual, data miners have been all over the new files unearthing any secrets from inside. It appears that there is plenty to get excited about as data miners claim to have found evidence of new Marvel collaborations and more.

According to longtime Fortnite leaker HYPEX, in the next two weeks, we might see a Green Goblin skin join the game along with skins for both of Hawkeye’s stars Clint Barton and Kate Bishop.

From within the files not only were the player skins found but also loading screens and other related cosmetics for each of these Marvel characters who are rumored to be joining the game.

The Green Goblin character that was allegedly found within the files appears to be the comic-book look rather than the Willem Dafoe version we saw in the latest MCU flick Spider-Man: No Way Home. Other items that appear in the leak include pickaxes, back blings, and a glider.

Other skins were also unearthed in this latest update including Vi from the League of Legends Netflix series Arcane. This would be the second skin from the franchise to join Fortnite with Jinx being made available before the release of the show.

Right now there is no date for when these items will be made available in the game or any official indication that they are authentic.

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