Fortnite Is No Longer The Most-Watched Game On Twitch

Fortnite season 9

Fortnite is somewhat of an anomaly. Not in recent memory, has a single video game successfully managed to become a global phenomenon quite like Epic Games’ flagship product. Arguably second only to Game Freak’s beloved Pokémon franchise in regards to its widespread appeal, talk of the battle royale has infiltrated all corners of daily life, be it the playground, workspace or even multi-billion dollar Hollywood films.

Despite that obvious success, however, one consistent concern on the minds of many has centered around its sustainability. Though Fortnite‘s rise to the top unfolded at a more natural pace compared with Respawn’s competing Apex Legends, there nevertheless remains the possibility of the former experiencing a steady decline. With players in their millions still regularly logging in for their daily dose of action on Battle Island, it’s safe to assume the popular pastime is here to stay, though it appears the cracks are finally beginning to show.

In providing its latest breakdown of viewership figures from streaming site Twitch, Esports Observer reveals that Fortnite is no longer the most-watched game on the service. In its place now stands League of Legends, Riot Games’ long-running MOBA. Just Chatting, Grand Theft Auto V and Valve’s Dota 2 round out the remaining top five, with Apex Legends trailing in sixth.

See the full list below:

  1. League of Legends
  2. Fortnite
  3. Just Chatting
  4. Grand Theft Auto V
  5. Dota 2
  6. Apex Legends
  7. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  8. Overwatch
  9. Hearthstone
  10. World of Warcraft

So, what does this all mean, exactly? That largely depends on how much stock you put in Twitch as an indicator of popularity. Success and Twitch viewership aren’t mutually exclusive, of course, but in the case of games specifically tailored to be highly watchable, the latter serves as a reliable indicator for current consumer tastes. In light of the above, Fortnite‘s popularity certainly appears to have dipped, but it’s hardly in danger of falling off the face of the Earth anytime soon.

Whether Epic can cook up a plan to retake its throne remains to be seen, though, with Riot’s Teamfight Tactics currently enjoying explosive success, such a feat could be easier said than done. Watch this space for more.