Fortnite Players Get Exclusive Loot For Linking Their YouTube And Epic Games Accounts


Epic Games and YouTube are teaming up to give Fortnite fans some free loot.

Announced today via a blog post, the so-called ‘Drops’ feature is intended to reward fans of the battle royale with a series of exclusive cosmetics not available anywhere else. Sounds great, but what’s the catch? No subscription or anything of the sort is required on your end, though this latest collaboration is clearly a means for both parties to raise awareness of Game Jam Hollywood and Fortnite‘s own World Cup finals. That being the case, you’ll be required to tune-in and watch live broadcasts of either as and when they commence.

Fortunately, those not interested in such events need only clock up 20 minutes of total view time on any given day to receive all the rewards on offer, all of which can be seen via the gallery below.

Nothing too fancy, then, but one can hardly go wrong with a bundle of free goodies. As for the dates and times you’ll need to make note of, any Game Jam Hollywood or World Cup stream between July 25th-28th will unlock a specific reward from the pool above and are divvied up as follows.

  • 7/25 – Game Jam Spray
  • 7/26 – Game Jam Spray
  • 7/27 – World Cup Spray
  • 7/28 – World Cup Spray + Red Line Wrap

In addition to the mandatory view time, you’ll need to link your Epic Games and YouTube accounts. To do so, simply sign into the latter and head into your account settings. Under “Connected accounts,” select Epic Games and click connect. You’ll then be redirected to the appropriate page in which to enter your login details. Do note, however, that YouTube is currently in the process of rolling out the service, so don’t be surprised if your efforts are met with nought but an error code.

Fortnite is available free to play for almost every platform under the sun and is currently in its ninth season. See here for everything we know so far regarding Season 10.