Fortnite Reveals Halloween 2020 Event Rewards And Challenges

Fortnite Photo

Following on from Respawn’s confirmation of a Halloween event for Apex Legends, Epic Games has outlined its plans to follow suit with a similarly spooky affair for Fortnite.

From today and lasting for two weeks, the aptly-named Fortnitemares extravaganza brings with it a whole host of activities for players to engage with and some pumpkin-smashing rewards to boot. Headlining the festivities this time around is Shadow Midas and his resurrected band of gruesome henchmen. Clearly unable to let bygones be bygones after the repeated thrashing he received back in Chapter 2, Season 2, the spy-with-a-golden-touch is back. Obviously a creature of habit, Midas has resumed residence in what was originally Season 2’s Agency building and his presence appears to be having a strange effect on the recently deceased.

For the duration of Fortnitemares, any time a player is eliminated in Solo, Duo or Squad playlists, they’ll return to the front lines as a Shadow. As one of these ethereal beings, new abilities, including the power to possess vehicles, will be available, with the ultimate goal in this form being to hunt down and eliminate any still-living opponents.

In order to achieve that goal, limited time weapons, including the Pumpkin Rocket Launcher, Fiend Hunter Crossbow and Witch Broom can all be found in chests and world loot on Apollo Island. Complete a series of special challenges throughout the event’s duration to unlock a bunch of cosmetic rewards, including the aptly-named Smash O’-Lantern pickaxe (pictured above).

Last but not least, Epic has hidden fragments of a special code in several custom Creative Mode maps. These will rotate on a daily basis, and each will conceal several numbers required to uncover the entire sequence. Once you’ve completed the 20-digit code, redeeming it over on the official Fortnite website will unlock the slick-looking Wrath’s Wrath wrap.

Fortnite‘s Halloween bash runs from October 21st to November 3rd.