‘Fortnite’ is getting a blowout ‘Star Wars’ event for May the 4th

Epic Games / Disney

May the 4th has become an unofficial holiday for Star Wars fans, and Epic Games’ Fortnite is getting in on the action.

With the festivities kicking off late on May 3, Fortnite is introducing themed skins, weapons, and gameplay for the next two weeks to highlight the impact of the films on pop culture. These coveted items will appear in the item shop to help players in special quests — you might even unlock an Empire Banner if you do it right!

Epic Games shared the news alongside a video of Star Wars‘ big return to the battle royale.

Gamers are thrilled with the return of lightsabers honoring the legends of Star Wars. You can carry the weapons of Mace Windu, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan, and Kylo Ren. It’s up to you to choose good or evil, light or darkness, and ultimately — what side you’re on.

So who will be carrying those lightsabers? Some of your favorite Star Wars characters, of course. Fortnite players know that new skins roll out nightly, and over the next two weeks, some of those skins will be your most loved and loathed Star Wars heroes and villains.

Skins from previous battle passes won’t be making a comeback. Still, you can get your hands on characters like Rey, Finn, Boba Fett, Kylo Ren, Zorii Bliss, a Sith Trooper, Fennec Shand, Krrsantan, and an Imperial Stormtrooper.

You’ll also be able to get your hands on the E-11 Blaster Rifle that players can use in rounds of gameplay. How do you find the epic weapon? Fortnite is giving away a few hints:

“Stormtroopers have set up checkpoints in search of Obi-Wan — go to one of these checkpoints and exchange Bars for a Blaster! Also find them in Chests and on the ground.”

If you’re wearing the skins, wielding the weapons, and gaming to your Star Wars heart’s content — you’ll want something to show for it, right? You can get Empire Accreditation through stormtrooper training, where you’ll be tasked with obtaining specific items to complete quests. If you can succeed, you’ll get your official Empire Banner.

You might want to clear your social calendar for the next few days because Fortnite is calling, and you’re the hero the galaxy needs right now! May the 4th be with you.