New Fortnite Leak Reveals More Mandalorian Content

The Mandalorian

Fortnite players hungering for even more content based on Disney’s hit show The Mandalorian could be in luck.

As discovered by data miners earlier this week, numerous assets bearing the word ‘Cosmos’ were found in the battle royale’s files. The term, which seemingly has no relation to Din Djarin or his adorable little green friend, is actually a code name used by Epic Games for all content borrowed from the franchise. It comes as little surprise, then, that a currently unused (and unfinished) model labelled “Pickaxe_ID_TBD_CosmosWeapon” is presumed to be one of Mando’s possessions. What that will turn out to be is anyone’s guess, however. ‘Pickaxe’ might be clearly stated in the document’s header, but it’s something of a misnomer as far as Fortnite is concerned.

According to the leak’s originator, SmearReddit, a placeholder icon for the item was added with the game’s latest patch and you can check it out for yourself in the gallery below.

Of course, there’s nothing particularly noteworthy to mention here, though fans discussing the finding online believe that the so-called Cosmos Weapon’s identity has intentionally been hidden due to its status as a spoiler for The Mandalorian. It’s worth noting, after all, that two episodes of season 2 have yet to arrive on Disney Plus, so there’s every chance that what we’re looking at here is indeed a reference to unseen events.

Call them unrealistic expectations, but we’re hoping that this mysterious pickaxe is intended to be none other than Fortnite‘s own Darksaber. Will Din be able to topple Moff Gideon and become the weapon’s new wielder, though? Keep tuning in to find out as The Mandalorian continues on Disney+.