Fortnite Leak Teases Upcoming Stranger Things Crossover


Everybody knows Fortnite is no stranger to crossovers, with everything from Star Wars, Marvel, Aliens, Ghostbusters, and The Terminator making their way to the Island. Epic usually plays their cards close to their chest on what’s coming next but a major (and credible) leak posted on Reddit has listed a whole bunch of good stuff coming down the line.

This includes an Ariana Grande concert, new Justice League and Suicide Squad skins, and a chance of Naruto making it to the next Battle Pass (his famous run is already in the game). But one thing that’ll be of particular note is what sounds like a big crossover with Stranger Things.

The leak details something called “The Sideways” coming to Fortnite in Season 8, which will release monsters into the game to hunt players. The fourth season of Netflix’s hit show won’t wrap filming until August and I’d imagine they’d time this crossover for that, Judging by previous schedules Season 8 should land in early September so perhaps we should expect an announcement around Halloween.

It’s worth remembering that this won’t be the first time Fortnite and Stranger Things have crossed paths. Back in May 2019 a Scoops Ahoy ice cream truck was added to the Mega Mall, later joined by orange portals that emitted the same noises heard in the show. Those events were to mark the third season hitting Netflix, which is a good indication that a new event would herald the fourth season.

So far these leaks are unverified, but those with insider knowledge say they match up with what they know of Epic’s plans for upcoming seasons. My bet is that we’ll see these monsters by the time the year’s out, so keep an eye out on the Island and watch this space!